Through my company, Scott Vaughan Communications, LLC, I help North American churches and faith organizations communicate more effectively.

I teach communication. I preach a little. I teach Bible Studies. I talk about my book projects. I am a conference, retreat and plenary speaker for a variety of organizations across North America.

I tell original stories and some are  funny.     

In 2014, I published my first book, Brookwood Road. It is a memoir written as a novel - basically, I've created my own genre. No one knows what to call it. It's a collection of stories that I promised to write for my dad a long, long time ago. To keep it fun and entertaining, I fictionalized some of the characters and some of the interworkings of the stories.

In 2016, I published the follow-up, Elm Street. This book follows the life of Brookwood Road's protagonist, Frank Wilcox, as he navigates elementary and junior high school. It's not a sequel to Brookwood Road, but it is a parallel book.

In 2018, I plan to publish the final book in this series. Then, we'll go from there.

About 2005, our church began a Halloween carnival that included a Trunk or Treat. A Trunk or Treat is where volunteers decorate the back of a vehicle - often with a theme - and then children come through in a safe environment for trick-or-treating. Our family decided to join in, and we all dressed up like pirates, and our trunk had a pirate theme. Over the years, it escalated. Vicki and I now own custom-made pirate costumes. We have visited birthday parties and hospitals. I have read from children's pirate books to preschools and elementary school classes.

The artwork, right, was hand-drawn by my friend Christy Jeffcoat-Furem. This is my childhood home in the Big Creek community of south Forsyth County, GA. This house was on my grandfather's hog farm on Brookwood Road. The house and the farm no longer exist.

Click here for Christy's website.

My Books

Public Speaking

I do write for others.

I help families tell stories through obituaries and eulogies.

I help businesses, churches and organizations tell stories through website copy that moves people to respond.

I'm a critical reader, too. I can read another person's writing and offer both encouragement and suggestions.


Copy Writing

​​About Me

Scott Douglas Vaughan

Minister, Pirate, Author, Writer, Storyteller

Someone has paid me to write something since I was 12 years old. It wasn't much - about a $1.50 - but it was published in a local newspaper. I've been churning out words for more than 45 years.

I am a native of Cumming, GA - a fantastic, growing community - located about 40 miles north of Atlanta, GA. But, I've lived in Lexington, SC for the past 25 years.

I've been an award-winning newspaper writer, newspaper publisher, advertising executive, vocational minister, professional writer and author at one time or another, including today. I graduated from the University of Georgia, studying journalism and sociology.

I am member of both the SC Writers Association and the Georgia Writers Association.

I have been married to one beautiful woman, my Vicki, for 30 years. We have four grown sons - Andrew (married to Elizabeth), William, Richard and Matthew.

My hobbies including reading history and biography, woodworking, working out, gardening, cooking, and, yep, writing. I'm also an Eagle Scout.