Brookwood Road

Copyright 2014

Finalist, National Indie Excellence Awards

Readers Favorite Book Award Winner

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"Vaughan successfully toggles back and forth from goofy adventure to touching stories of faith and family. Brookwood Road provides laughs followed by tears. There were more than a few times that I relied on my old sweatshirt sleeves to mop up the excess moisture coming out of every hole in my face and was glad that my own family was in the other room because it would have been an embarrassing display."

"Scott is a master storyteller. If you grew up on a farm, or, like me, just spent time there with your friends, this book will bring back fond memories. A must-have piece of Southern literature for those who immediately identify with buttermilk, yard dogs, meat houses, and peeing outdoors. You too will laugh out loud."

"Scott Vaughan writes a coming-of-age story set in rural Georgia that chronicles the childhood of three brothers, Frank, Jack, and Wayne. These stories, told from Frank's point of view, including vivid descriptions of the brothers attempting to build a tree house and what happens when they get out of bed in the middle of the night to get water, just to name a few. Frank's mischief leads his siblings down a road full of memories and adventures, both funny and serious. Everyone should have this type of childhood where innocence and adventure can bring siblings and family closer together. Vaughan's writing takes the reader on a journey that will leave a lasting impression."

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Scott Douglas Vaughan

Minister, Pirate, Author, Writer, Storyteller

Hickory Trail 
Copyright 2018

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First kiss. First love. First job. First car. First dance. First step beyond home. For American teenagers, the high school years include all the firsts of independence. Frank Wilcox is no different. It’s been four years since Frank and his family left the farm on Brookwood Road for the new subdivision on Hickory Trail in Acorn, GA. During those four years, the family ties are both hilariously and poignantly strengthened within the sluggish economy of the late 1970s. Frank explores his passion with a job at the local newspaper – a position that opens his eyes to the darker side of humanity. Frank and his closest friends forge their teenage camaraderie through double dates, school activities (some gone awry), and Sunday afternoon baseball in the sweltering Georgia heat. In the third and final installment of his Memories of a Home series, author Scott Douglas Vaughan again writes through the eyes of his alter-ego, Frank Wilcox. In his unique style, Vaughan gives his readers a series of stories – each confined to its own chapter – that collectively take a walk through the life of a teenage boy growing up in north Georgia during the late 1970s. Readers will take a journey through another time and place – a small-town on the brink of phenomenal growth. Readers will laugh at the adventures of the Wilcox brothers, poignantly remember the advice of loving parents, and fondly recall similar memories of growing up among all those firsts of early independence.

Elm Street 
​Copyright 2016

Finalist, National Indie Excellence Awards

Finalist, Book Excellence Awards

Four-Star Finalist, Indie Reader Discovery Awards

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In 1965, Frank Wilcox and his friends enter Acorn Primary School in Acorn, Georgia—about forty miles north of Atlanta. Over the next eight years, Frank and his close friends

grow up together through the school and their nearby hometown. Fun-loving Charlie Keller, thoughtful Lester Freemont, kind Pete Yancey, and loyal Wendell Mann all play important roles in Frank’s world as he comes of age.
While written as fiction, Frank’s childhood adventures are closely based on the childhood memories of author Scott Douglas Vaughan. In Frank’s new love of writing, readers can see the seeds planted for Vaughan’s own communications career.
Vaughan’s tales include obsessing over school spankings, exploring an old house with Cub Scout friends, confronting a school bully, struggling with the cursed honor roll, ushering at Georgia Bulldogs football games, and many other adventures from the schoolyard to the Acorn courthouse square. In vividly written stories, Frank gets his first look at the world beyond the family farm. With the support of his parents, other relatives, and wonderful teachers he learns how to dream big and pursue his goals.
This series of wholesome stories will bring out the child in all of us.