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Elm Street 
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Amazon - 5 Star Book - 22 Reviews

Scott Douglas Vaughan

Minister, Pirate, Author, Writer, Storyteller

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Amazon - 5 Star Book

Hickory Trail 
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Amazon - 5 Star Book - 14 Reviews

Brookwood Road

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Readers Favorite Book Award Winner

Amazon - 5 Star Book - 60 Reviews

"You will laugh, sometimes so hard, you will cry and you will absolutely be brought to tears by some of the stories of Scott Vaughan's family. This author does an outstanding job of telling the stories of his childhood in the '60's."

"I did not expect the flood of memories from my own childhood that came rushing back to me as I read of the escapades of the Wilcox boys! It made me want to call my own siblings and say, "Do you remember when...?" It is a rare book that can not only entertain its reader, but also cause him to reflect on the forgotten memories of childhood. Well done!!"

"Scott is a master storyteller. He has painted a vivid picture of Brookwood Road and its completely human (warts and all) inhabitants. A must have piece of Southern literature for those who immediately identify with buttermilk, yard dogs, meat houses, and peeing outdoors. You too will laugh out loud."

"Utterly. Delightful.
Reading Brookwood Road is like the catching up that happens at a wedding or funeral, after all the guests have left and all the family is sitting around with ties loosened and heels off and the leftovers long left on the kitchen counter. It’s comfortable, familiar, funny, poignant, filled with both laughter and easy silence."

"I think it took me two days to finish Brookwood Road and maybe three days to finish Elm Street. Once you get started, Scott Vaughan's books are tough to put down."

"Hearing Scott’s voice in my head as I read the book made the book more enjoyable. Scott is an excellent storyteller and this third book fully completes the journey of life at this point for Frank Wilcox. I highly recommend Hickory Trail as a fun and refreshing book to read and remember. "

"Throughout the Memories Of A Home series we can literally see Frank being prepared for what lies ahead and as the last chapter is wrapping things up, it is like a toothpick being stuck in the middle of a freshly baked cake and coming out clean."