Scott Douglas Vaughan

Minister, Pirate, Author, Writer, Storyteller

Our Family

This is our great family.

First row - Vicki and Me. We've been together 37 years. We endured a 5-year long-distance courtship before launching a 33-year marriage. We know a thing a two because we've seen a thing or two.

Starting on the left - Elizabeth, our beautiful daughter-in-law, and our oldest son, Andrew. Andrew is a family practice MD, and Elizabeth is a full-time nanny for three precious girls.

Matthew is our youngest son. He is a senior civil engineering major at the University of SC and is engaged to Ann.

Richard is our third son. He is a third-year law student at the University of Memphis (TN) School of Law. He will also graduate law school with an MBA.

William is our second son and he's pictured with his wife, Andrey. These two creative souls live in Cincinnati (OH), where they own and operate their non-profit theatre production company, Walterhoope.